Friday, March 20, 2015

KARELLA(Bitter Guard) FRY

4 Medium size karela(Bitter gourd)
1 Medium size Onion
2-3 Green chilli
1-2 Bunch coriander leaves
1\2 lemon 
2 Tea spoon Red chilli powder
1\4 Tea spoon Haldi powder
2 Tea spoon salt
2 Tea spoon coriander powder
1\4 Tea spoon Garam masala
2 Tea spoon khash khash(poppy seeds)powder
2 Tea spoon Sesame Seeds
Take karela(Bitter Gourd) clean with water cut into small picess and mix 1 Tea spoon salt keep aside for 5 minutes.squeeze the karella piecess and remove any water Heat the oil in a pan for two minutes and put squezed karella piecess and fry for five minutes . Add salt and fry further five minutes.Add onion,greenchillli  fry further two minutes and add all spices except til.Put the lid and cook the content further  5minutes and add til ,corinder leaves and cook further two minutes.karela fry ready to serve.Don't forget to add little bit Ghee while eating which makes you say yummm....